John 6:52-59

The Body & Blood of Christ

John 6:52-59
Matthew 26:26-29
1 Cor 10:16-22

•What role has The Lord’s Table played in your spirituality? How would you describe its importance or lack of importance in your walk with Christ?

•What different expressions of The Lord’s Table have you witnessed throughout your Christian life? What did they or didn’t they communicate about the purpose and importance of The Lord’s Table?

•In John 6 Jesus teaches us that He is our true food and that we are to eat His flesh and drink His blood in order that we would abide with Him and He with us. How do we actually do that? How do we feed on Him and what role does faith play?

•Why do you think Jesus uses the same language (“eat my flesh and drink my blood”) when instituting the Lord’s Supper?

•What should we have faith in and for when partaking of The Lord’s Table?

•Considering that modern Christianity tends more towards the sin of undervaluing The Lord’s Table than overvaluing it, how might we cultivate a greater value and richer participation with Jesus?

•How can we hold a high view of Jesus’ presence, the availability of His grace, and its essential and transformative power in our lives while learning from the mistakes of the Church throughout history?