Luke 12:4-12

The Martyr’s Briefing


Is 49:1-7

Luke 12:4-12

Bishop Trevor’s 5 Points:

•Fear God

When it comes to your call to personal evangelism, what fears do you find impact your expression the most?

•You are remembered not forgotten

How does knowing that we are remembered by our Heavenly Father embolden our witness?

•Acknowledge the Son of God

How essential is public acknowledgement of our faith in Christ? What are the benefits that come with our acknowledgment of Him?

•Words are forgiven, posture is not

How much does the fear of saying the wrong thing impact your personal witness? What is of greater danger to your walk with Christ, imperfect words or a disobedient posture?

•Words are given at that very hour

What is Jesus’ strategic purpose behind telling us to not look for the words until the moment? How might this encourage and strengthen us?

Bonus: How is Christ leading you to walk out this Word in your life? Tell the group what you feel Jesus is encouraging you to do (even and especially if you are afraid to say it out loud).

Prayer: Pray for one another, that all would know that they are valued, protected (by angels), that their evangelistic mistakes will be forgiven, and that words will be given by Jesus Himself as they are needed.