The Vision of
Christ's Church



In the ancient world the cornerstone was the determining point of strength for the foundation and design of a structure. Christ’s Church Oceanside is a church built on and according to Jesus Christ, the Cornerstone.  For Christ’s Church, the person and work of Jesus is the lens through which we understand the Scriptures, the one we participate with in the Sacraments, the motivation of our lives of Sacrifice, the Supernatural power at work in the gifts of his people, and the Good News we proclaim for Salvation. As our Cornerstone Jesus is the Way in which we seek to live, the Way we find spiritual, emotional, and mental fulfillment, the Way we understand the world, and the Way in which we desire to build our homes, families, friendships, and Church. 

About Jesus

What We Believe



Acts 2:42a

Christ’s Church is devoted to the public reading and preaching of the Old and New Testaments of Holy Scripture because they are all about Jesus! At our Sunday services you will hear longer and shorter readings, as well as expository and topical preaching from the Scriptures. It is because of the love and trust which Jesus had for the Scriptures and the authority that He gave them, that we do the same. On Sunday and at the beginning and ending of each day, the Word of God is where we gaze upon the living portrait of our Lord Jesus Christ.For us, Scripture is a life sustaining and life transforming experience.  





Acts 2:42b

Christ's Church is devoted to the Sacraments, especially those instituted by Jesus Himself (Baptism and the Lord's Table) because they are the way in which we are invited to participate with Jesus. Jesus not only wants us to hear the good news of grace, He wants us to spiritually participate in and tangibly experience that grace. For Christ's Church the sacraments are a visible sign of an invisible grace. Having heard the Gospel at salvation we receive Jesus at our baptism, and having heard the Gospel preached from the Scriptures on Sunday, we respond in faith with our heart, mind and body to receive Jesus at His Table, every Sunday. 





Acts 2:43

Christ's Church is a Supernatural commmunity. It is in our prayers, preaching, worship, and fellowship that we anticipate the supernatural presence of Jesus and His Kingdom. Additionaly, each Christian; young and old, man and woman, is empowerd by the presence of the Spirit of Jesus with special gifts and ministries for the building up and encouragement of the church. All who are united to Christ are ministers with Christ. And so we eagerly look to receive, express, develop, and mature in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 





Acts 2:44-45

As ministers in and with Jesus, Christ's Church is so thoroughly and fully filled with His grace that it is our great joy to offer up our heart, soul, mind, and strength as Sacrifices of worship and service to Jesus. This means we give of our hearts, stories, time, skills, finances, and possessions generously knowing that our source of fulfillment, strength, and provision is His endless grace. We go out into the world eager to live out our confession of faith by loving our neighbours as ourselves. 





Acts 2:46-47

The mission of Christ's Church is to go with Jesus to love and serve the people and communities of Oceanside with the life altering truth and benefits of the Gospel. That Jesus would be known, understood, received, experienced, and enjoyed by every man, woman, and child. That all would come to the new birth and Salvation offered only in Jesus Christ. We are devoted to pursuing this through every means possible but especially through the personal testimony, authentic and ancient worship, meals and friendship, and acts of justice done by the people of Christ's Church. In addition to reaching the communities of Oceanside, it is our vision to serve in the planting of new churches all throughout Vancouver Island.