In-Person Services Are Open!

We are excited to welcome you to our in person service Sundays at 10am. The leadership of Christ's Church is recommending that all attendees wear masks for the duration of our services while we seek to bring the Covid case numbers down on the Island. 

Where is Church?

Though we dont have a building that we own we have been blessed with an amazing home at Nanoose Place Community Centre. In addition to our in person service in Nanoose we have and are always looking for more hosts for house church services accross the Island using Christ's Church Online. If you are looking to join or want to host send us an email at

What do I do with my kids?

At Christ's Church kids are a huge priority. Due to Covid we have chosen to have kids go right into their own class made up of teaching, games, community, and Communion each Sunday. You are more than welcome to keep your kids in the main service with you if you or they would prefer, otherwise feel free to drop your kids off right when you arrive. Just ask one of our Welcome Team members at the door for directions. 

What do I wear?

Whatever you want!

What if I didnt grow up Anglican? 

Neither did most of us! Our church has a mix of people from other religous and non-religious backgrounds as well as Pentecostal, Baptist, Roman Catholic, and Anglican Christian expressions. We all have a love for Jesus in common and we all have found a home in the via media (middle way) of the Anglican tradition. It has provided a home for the charismatic, evangelical, and catholic to be united in Jesus while learning from each others values and traditions.

Tea & Coffee after service.

Sadly due to Covid we are unable to host you for coffee and snacks after service but dont let this stop you from heading out for lunch or to the beach with a friend, after the service!


Plan Your Visit!

Have more questions? Need more info? Just want to make contact with someone so it isn't so intimidating for your first visit? Send us an email and let us know who you are and when you are coming. We are so stoked to have you join us and are eager to help!

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