What Is It?

An online Pilgrimage In the Way of Jesus focused on an inner heart journey of discovering Jesus as the way of understanding your divine origin, God's definitive way of solving all that is wrong and broken in us and the world, Jesus as your true source of life and strength, and Jesus as the author of your purpose. 


Who Is It For?

1) People who are either beginning to explore the Way of Jesus or are looking to grow as followers of Jesus.

2) Those seeking membership at and ministry with Christ's Church or are looking to start an extension gathering (in house gatherings etc) of Christ's Church. In Pilgrimage you will learn about what we believe about Jesus, His vision for the Church, and how your calling fits into it.

3) Brothers and sisters who are committed members of another church. Please dont switch though! We love your church!


When Does It Run?

Pilgrimage is an 8 month journey from October through May. You have the choice of joining our Live Zoom classes on Sunday evenings (beginning Oct 18th), joining a Pilgrimage small group that meets on a different night, or organizing your group of friends/family to go on Pilgrimage with you.


What Does It Cost?

It's free! The Way of Jesus was given to us freely and so we are honoured to be able to pass it on as a gift. We also recognize that Scripture encourages a love motivated sharing to take place between teacher and student (guides and pilgrims) in Eph 6:6 so our pilgrimages are fully funded by way of free will offerings. 


How do I sign-up?