2 Cor. 8:1-15

Radical Generosity


For Personal Reflection


Take some time to prayerfully take stock of your financial life in JESUS. Are you living in the safety, freedom, and radical generosity afforded to you in the Gospel? Do your motivations for giving financially line up with the Way of JESUS? 


Don’t be discouraged to discover that the whole of your heart is not trusting and living in JESUS fully in this area! Instead, welcome His saving and freeing work to this part of your life. 


So wherever you find your heart not believing and functioning according to JESUS, excitedly receive JESUS right there! Receive His Life and ask why your motivations are what they are. Receive His Death and allow the blood of Jesus to cleanse, forgive, and give you your adoption. Receive His Resurrection by committing to new and healthy actions. Receive His Ascension by worshipping and glorifying JESUS in His Church and for the needs of the world! 


Is Your Giving From JESUS?


Have you received Christ? Are you united with Him? Is what is true of Jesus true of you? Does the. love, grace, comfort, and joy of JESUS well up from within you and overflow into a wealth of generosity, despite your circumstances?


Is Your Giving To JESUS?


Are you offering up your financial gifts as first to Jesus? Not to the organization, vision, expressed needs, or leadership, but to Jesus? When the pastor holds up the offering plates at the altar, do you see your gifts being presented to Jesus in His heavenly throne?


Is Your Giving Of Your Own Accord?


Are your financial offerings motivated by fear, guilt, obligation, peer-pressure, or a need for respect, control, and honour? Or are your contributions genuinely motivated and inspired by Jesus? Do YOU desire to trust Him, honour Him, glorify Him, obey Him, and serve Him? 


Is Your Giving According to Your Means?


Do you see your income as provision that you have earned, deserve, and are responsible for? Or do you see what you have as earned and accomplished by the person and work of Jesus, originating in the Father’s heart, and given to you by the Holy Spirit to glorify God? 


Do you give from and according to the means that JESUS has provided for you? Is this expressed in a consistent set apart percentage of your income? Does your tithe communicate that you have everything you need (in Jesus) and that you are confident in your Father’s provision (not an orphan who must hoard)?


Is Your Giving Beyond Your Means?


Do you find your life in Christ leads you to an abundance of joy that causes you to go beyond your means (planned and budgeted percentage) with your giving? Is it Christ that causes you to throw off restraint and be overly generous? Or do you find that you only “break the budget” or throw off restraint financially for personal purchases?


Is Your Giving To the Church?


Do you believe that Jesus is at the centre of your church? Is leading your church? Is Jesus the message and ministry of your church? 


Does your desire to express a Radical Generosity that flows From Jesus, To Jesus, Of Your Own Accord, According To Your Means, and Beyond Your Means naturally flow into entrusting it to the church? 


Do you see the church as the primary means by which Jesus desires to spread and disperse His generosity to the world? 



Do you trust the leadership and vision of your church? If not, please engage in conversation with your Pastor and Peoples Warden about your concerns. What you are feeling matters and genuine trust cannot be demanded, it is something so precious that it can only be given. 





For Group Discussion



Ex 35:1-10; 20–29

2 Cor 8 :1-15


•Between Sunday’s sermon, participating in the Lord’s Table, and doing the personal reflection questions, what did you learn about yourself and how you view/function in radical generosity?


•What negative experiences with church and financial giving have you experienced? How did it impact you and others?


•As you did the personal reflection, which part of your heart and life was highlighted as needing to receive Jesus most?


•Which of the 6 markers of healthy giving did you struggle with most and which were you encouraged to see that you have?


•What practical changes do you feel lead to make and what is your motivation for making it?