Psalm 1

The Word of God


Psalm 1

2 Tim 3:14-17


•What is your biggest hurdle to practicing the spiritual discipline of Daily Scripture reading?


•When you find yourself unmotivated or resistant to reading Scripture what beliefs of the heart, temperaments of the soul, or thoughts of the mind lie beneath the surface? 


Some Examples: 

Heart- “I don’t really believe Scripture is necessary for my faith.” 

Soul- “I don’t feel Jesus, I actually feel farther from God when reading Scripture.” 

Mind- “Reading Scripture is just too difficult and complicated. I never know what’s going on.”


•According to Psalm 1 what should we believe about God’s heart for Scripture? How should we feel about Scripture? How should we think about Scripture? (It is highly recommended that you take to exchange the beliefs, feelings, and thoughts that are lies (through confession & repentance) for the truth of Psalm 1 through prayer at the end of being together)


•What value is there in being reminded of the Gospel of Jesus through the authoritative Apostolic Witness of the NT daily? Why is it needed?


•What value is there in being reminded of the steadfast love and faithfulness of God daily in history through the Sacred Writings of the OT?


•How does Scripture “make us wise for salvation through faith in Jesus Christ?”


•If “All Scripture is breathed out by God” how should it impact our love, adoration, and reverence for the Scriptures?


•How present do you think God is in the Scriptures?


•How have you seen the Spirit of Jesus in the Scriptures teach, challenge, correct, and train you and others in goodness, wholeness, and effectiveness? How might we give ourselves even more to the Spirit’s work?