Matt. 25:31-40

The Poor & The Presence
James 2:1-13
Matthew 25:31-40
Personal Reflection:
•How did your family respond to your weakness when you were a child?
•How does our society respond to weakness today? How does this impact you?
•How do you respond to your own weakness? Is your weakness a holy place where Christ dwells or a place you are ashamed of?
•What weakness are you keeping to yourself? How might you allow Jesus and His Church to honour and serve that part of you?
Group Discussion:
•Who are the “least of these” in Oceanside? The poor (hungry), desperate (thirsty), wandering (stranger), naked (vulnerable), weak (sick), and the powerless (imprisoned) among us? How do we identify them when our affluent society camouflages them?
•What is your hearts response to seeing one of the “least of these?”
•How can our eyes be opened to see the face of Jesus when we see the “least of these?”
•In what person do you see Jesus in your life right now? How can you be with Jesus by being with or serving that person?
•How does Jesus give us grace while we feed, welcome, clothe, and visit the “least of these?”
•How can we ensure that Christ’s Church treats the hungry, thirsty, stranger, naked, sick, and imprisoned like Jesus?