Matt. 2:16-18

Herod Kills the Children



Jer 31:15-20

Mtt 2:16-18


•How would you categorize the difference between Herod’s use of power and Jesus’ use of power? Give current examples of each of these expressions of power.


•Throughout Scripture (human history) we see kings, priests, prophets, and leaders of every kind fall to the temptation to wield power in the way of the world (Herod). What is it about worldly power that is so alluring? Why and how do we fall to these temptations?


•What are the defining marks, characteristics, and expressions of Jesus’ power?


•How should the individual Christian and the Church as a whole seek to wield power? What position of power do you currently hold and how should you model Jesus in it?


•How could we express Jesus’ value, priority, and care for the innocent and vulnerable in Christ’s Church Oceanside?