Matt. 2:19-23

Jesus the Nazarene


Mtt 2:19-23

Is 11:1-5

•What signs are there in our society and culture that point to our need for a righteous ruler?

•In what ways might Isaiah 11’s prophecy of the “righteous reign of the branch” appeal to our world today? What characteristics would people find appealing?

•Isaiah 53 paints a contrasting picture of the righteous branch with characteristics more akin to a “tender shoot... like a root out of dry ground.” How does Jesus as this despised and rejected Nazarene serve our salvation?

•How might the humble attributes of Jesus appeal to our society today?

•What is it about Jesus’ story that allows Him to take on the experiences of the victimized, exploited, and rejected of society without succumbing to the temptations of victimhood?

•How might we see the Father’s often subtle and private love as a fulfillment of His protection, provision, and promises? How do we allow it to define us more than our circumstances?