Psalm 116

Mental Health matters, especially in the midst of crisis and isolation. So how do we give priority and voice to the deep needs that are stirring within us? The Way of Jesus offers a path that is simple, proven over time, and uniquely personal. Join us in trusting the Way of Jesus in, through, and for this historic pandemic.



Personal Reflection & Small Group Questions


Ps 116

John 8:1-11


•Do you believe that Jesus hears your every feeling and thought?


•Do you feel like you know that to be true from experience?


•When do you find yourself motivated to intentionally share your feelings and thoughts with Jesus? When don’t you?


•Do you feel as though you have made a life commitment to always go to Jesus with your thoughts and emotions? Can you say, “I will call on him as long as I live.” 


•v3-4 & 7-8 Should we be confident that Jesus wants to hear every thing in our hearts and heads? Even and especially the darkest parts? 


•What does v5 reveal about how God responds to our hearts? How does Jesus express this character?


•What do you think it means to be “simple” in v6? How is it connected with being “brought low?”


•v10-11 How do we hold to unwavering belief and still confess what we are feeling even if what we feel is really negative ?


•What does v12-19 reveal about what this kind of raw and honest spirituality can produce in the life of the Christian? 


•How genuine does the Psalmist seem in his desire to worship, celebrate, give testimony, offer thanksgiving, fulfill his vows, and publicly proclaim God’s salvation? 


•Is it possible for us to go through this same transformative journey from grief and fear to comfort and joy as the Psalmist does from the beginning of this prayer to the end?