Matthew 21:1-11

Where is God in the midst of global suffering? If God is real why doesn't He do something? If God is good why does He allow suffering? These questions and more are what we all ask as we near to end our own strength and ability to protect ourselves. We want to ask for help but who should we ask? Is God really an option? The Way of Jesus helps understand what we can expect from God in the midst of a pandemic.



Personal & Small Group Questions:


Ps 118

Mtt 21:1-11


•What do you think Israel’s expectations of redemption were? What did they expect redemption to look like?


•How does it compare to what we expect God’s redemption to look like?


•What expectations of God does the goodness and greatness of Jesus entice out of your heart? 


•What unhealthy expectations does the Lamb-like redemption of Jesus expose in your heart? How do you think those unmet expectations have impacted your relationship with God?


•How do you see Jesus’ work as the Lamb that saves and redeems your heart from sin exceed your expectations?


•Do you believe that God’s definitive action in Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, and ascension is a sufficient response to the Covid-19 crisis? Why or why not?


•Do you believe that following Jesus’ example of loving, suffering with, suffering for, strengthening, and equipping humanity and the creation is sufficient to change the world?


•Should Christ’s Church seek to serve Oceanside as a lion or as a lamb?