John 21

This Sunday we are stoked to announce our House Church initiative for Vancouver Island.


We are looking for:

1) The emotionaly hurting, mentally worn-out, grieving, and beaten down by life. Those ready for another way and tired of doing it alone. Those open to the Way of Jesus.

2 ) Hosts! People who are willing and able to welcome a small group of people (in accordance with the BC Covid Guidelines) into their home/yard for Church online.

3) New friends to come and JOIN! Whether you want to find a House Church to join or start one yourself we would love to have you. Worried that your community is too remote or small? Don't worry about it, we will help connect you with people in your area or an area near you.

4) Spread the word! Know of others looking for hope, healing, and hospitality? Send them a link or share us on Facebook, we would love to get in touch with them.